Monday, September 30, 2013

Found Objects #2: Photos of Jackie

These three photos are my first rolls of film. I took them as part of a photography class assignment. I was using a box camera at the time. 

My composition of the negatives was poor, no sense of depth of field and the weeds in the foreground were blurry.  I got a D+ for the assignment. Yet this would set the stage for my later becoming a photojournalist and having my work published. I would also meet and work with well known photographers over the years who would greatly influence my work.

My model for this particular shoot was Jackie Cox, my girl friend from Littleton, Colorado. We were attending Colorado State University. 

What is this for again?

How long this going to take?

We done yet?

Found: three 2 1/2" x 2 1/2 negatives
taken between 1966-1967
City Park, Ft. Collins, Colorado

I found these negatives in a box sitting squashed underneath several pounds of paper layered with dust. I nearly tossed them into the trash, but then decided to get the negatives developed. I am so glad, because the result was a lasting and wonderful memory.


  1. Wow, Michael!
    This is a gem.
    And then of course one would ask, where is she now?
    How would you do it today?
    Would you do it at all?
    Is there a facebook group for such stories? a Linkedin group?

    1. I will certainly try to answer your questions, YarOn. What makes the negatives poignant is that for decades I have not been able to locate her. This found object will be placed in a new Facebook group I'm constructing to include many more found objects.