Thursday, October 10, 2013

Found Objects #3: A View of the Lake District

This photo looks out on sheep grazing in the fields and country lanes at the foot of the Fells in the Lake District of Northwest England.

I took the photo from a window in a B&B run by a family of self-proclaimed gypsies.

Returning from a run in the Fells, it was nice to see a table in the room set with delicious scones  garnished in crème and cherries, and served promptly at 4 pm along with a pot of dark English tea.

Shot with Nikon FE on Kodak Color film.
19 ¾” width (51 cm)
28 ¾ lenth  (73 cm)
Mounted on hardwood surface

This photo was yet another object that was recently discovered rolled up and tossed in a box and forgotten. 

The paper was dusty and torn. It had been stored in the box since 1982.

The original color transparency had been taken 30 years before, then made into an inter-negative, and printed on a single sheet of photo paper.

Now I will be able to look out a window and see this beautiful scene.


  1. Very David Lynchy:
    Sheep Grazing
    Nikon FE
    Dusty & Torn
    Now I will be able to read your blog and imagine a movie...

  2. This scene you describe does in fact hearken back to Michelangelo Antonioni as well, so yes, I move in strange wonderful circles.