Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Found Objects: Curating a Life of Lost Art

This is a story of a man who felt abandoned by his Muse, his talents, his metaphorical lovers. Over the course of a turbulent departure, and a very long interval in a foreign land, he eventually returns to find new inspiration from what he had left behind. After all, it was he who abandoned his very self. 

Now he finds he is curating his own life from the found objects secreted in boxes he once felt had no worth. 

He discovers new dimensions of himself in the array of his gleaming treasures – the un-produced screenplays, the unpublished novels, the un-blogged blogs… the countless short stories / plays / poems / lyrics / photographs / paintings…  These are his personal works of art and artistry, his mind and heart, his true loves.

This is a story of a man who realizes, in the process of finding himself, an unintended consequence of these treasures: his work has taken on more than a newly inspired meaning; it has become an exhibition of priceless worth.

Watching Paint Dry- M.Shandrick

Found Object #1
Watching Paint Dry
*       10 ½” w X 13 ½”
*       acrylic
This worn canvas was found underneath a pile of papers in a box, some 20 years after it was painted. It had survived several moves and storage facilities before its discovery in 2012.

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