Thursday, October 4, 2012

Obama Knocked Out in the First Round

Obama takes the count in a first round knockout

I am sad. I was robbed of a good fight in the first presidential debate. 

Almost as soon as President Barak Obama stepped into the ring he walked into a flying windmill punch thrown by the challenger, The Mexican Wild Man Mormon Romney. Obama never saw it coming and never got a glove on Romney before he hit the canvas.
It was sickening to watch. Romney reminds me of Mike Tyson, the heavyweight, who took his opponents out in the first few minutes of a fight. Tyson didn't play by the rules and would do anything to win, even chewing an opponent’s ear off. Romney is a mauler and a brawler.

I won't watch a rematch. It will be an ugly fight and Obama has a glass jaw and no heart for the game.

Makes me wonder why.

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