Sunday, September 30, 2012

4 Reasons Why You Need To Wake The Fuck Up

1. Too much is at stake not to be awake. Democrats (comprising progressives and liberals) have a way of going to sleep, especially when they have the lead in an election campaign. Well, like in the 2010 mid-term elections, which is why we're in such a mess today. In this 2012 election, we face fiercely committed radicals who are willing to take you down for ideological reasons, from the wing-nut Evangelicals to the Tea Party. If you want to keep what you have, you really must Wake the Fuck Up!

2. Don’t believe the polls. Polls are not votes. Focus and do the difficult thing. Knock on doors, help people register to vote. Get those people in your household out canvassing. Kick that son-in-law off his couch and out the door helping people register. Millions of registered Democrats did not do this in 2010 and, well, we got what we deserved, didn't we? If you want real change you got to Wake The Fuck Up!.

3.This election is not just about re-electing Obama. You need to know the issues so you can vote for the mayor and city council, the county supervisor, your state assembly person, your Congressional and Senate representatives. You can bet the Republicans will know the issues chapter and verse at every level of government. To give Obama a chance at real change, you need to elect a Democratic majority in both houses so he can pass legislation that is critically needed. Mostly, you need to Wake the Fuck Up!

4. The Republicans are counting on you to go back to sleep. In fact, they are   betting the bank Democrats will fold once again.  This is an election  to protect what others before you fought so hard for. Do you want the Republicans to dismantle the very democracy you enjoy today? There are many things to do as a Democrat in the next month.  The most important of all is that you must Wake the Fuck Up!

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