Tuesday, October 30, 2012

5 scary stories to haunt this Halloween

On Halloween, departed souls come back to walk the earth among humans. Some will be out trick or treating. Once a year they get to reconnect with life. While we get to play out a goulish fantasy and allow ourselves to become scared. In that spirit, I have collected five stories that truly frighten me. 

5. Putin's Soviet gulags.
 Imagine being torn away from your child and family and sent thousands of miles away to a prison where there is no hot water or medicine. You are forced to work in the cold for meager rations. You are isolated and spied on every moment of the day and punished for every infraction. This is the life for two young women in a Soviet gulag because they dared to make a non-violent political statement. This is happening in 2012? It's too scary to contemplate.

4. John C. Textor.
An embezzler and private equity investor, who took millions from investors and friends and lost it. He now spends his days defending himself in civil court. He is a brazen defendant even with hundreds of law suits pouring in from hundreds more victims who have lost their jobs, fortunes and properties. Textor has shown no remorse. He doesn't feel he owes an apology. 

Textor says he's owed money from his own scam. He doesn't think he will ever serve a day in jail and could walk away with millions. Or his days are numbered like Tony Montana in this scene from Scarface
Prime Minister Harper makes deal with  the devil

3. Harper's secret resource colony takes effect on Halloween.
Working in secret for years on the innocent sounding Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (FIPAs), Canada's Conservatives will today ratify this so-called bi-lateral trade pact without a single day of debate in Commons. No details are known, except that the government of China will now have free rein to take over Canadian energy companies. Known for human rights abuses (Tibet) and numerous environmental disasters, China will be the single beneficiary of this one-way trade pact. It's scary enough that your own government is lying to you about domestic politics and keeping everything ultra secret until Halloween spells disaster.


Extermination of natives in the Amazon

2. Just like in Avatar.
While the rich get richer, the poor struggle to live another day. The planet is full of homeless, starving and neglected people with no rights. Everyday  native peoples in Matto Groso state in Brazil, the richest state in the country, are being methodically killed. They refuse to move from their sacred  homeland. The Guarni-Kaiowa refuses to surrender and have asked to be buried where they fall defending their homes. It's scary to think that the killers continue their slaughter while the western oil, gas, timber and hydro companies stand by waiting.

1. Mitt Romney could be the next American president. An amoral private equity fund manager with links to a cult-like religion, Romney has promised his neo-conservative backers a war on the poor. If he wins we are one step closer to becoming a Zombie America. 

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