Tuesday, September 11, 2012

4 things the pundits missed at Bill Clinton’s DNC speech

Bill Clinton trains Democrats to sell their vision
Many pundits, including Jon Stewart, had a field day with Clinton's DNC speech, but they got it wrong.

 1.   Bill Clinton was not paving the way for Hillary in 2016 nor was he speaking off-topic. Rather, Clinton was conducting a highly focused 48-minute tutorial for Democrats in the rudimentary grass roots tactics of focusing their vision, positioning it, overcoming objections with facts and closing the deal, something Obama and fellow Democrats often have trouble doing.

2.   Clinton knows this election won’t be won by the base on lofty oratory and slogans of an Obama speech. Rather it will be won in the trenches, i.e. knocking on doors while delivering pamphlets and speaking to the independents who will eventually turn in the deciding votes. 

3. Clinton understands hand-to-hand combat against the GOP. He has learned that voters want to be talked to like smart people, not sinners being preached at. Pundit Chris Matthews got it right. “Clinton knows how to talk to people.”

Chris Matthews got it right 
4.   Clinton knows the intended audience for his speech was Obama, whose own DNC speech was a warmed over stump talk by comparison. Clinton was there to appeal to the President, as well as the Democrats, not to wander out of the DNC in a fog of rapture, but rather get back on the campaign trail with a sense of urgency. 

If you're a Democrat and missed Bill Clinton's full speech, watch it and pass it along. It is classic messaging.

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