Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Inmates Running the Asylum in Canada

On May 31, 2013 the B.C. government announced it would not support the Enbridge pipeline project. While this is seen as a major win for  environmentalists, the backers of the project, especially Prime Minister Harper and his conservatives buddies in the Alberta Oil Sands lobby, will continue to push their agenda. 

Hopefully, the environmentalists won't go to sleep, which they are prone to doing. Anyone concerned must keep asking the question: is it sustainable to keep gouging the earth for fossil fuels at a time when climate change has accelerated?

We share the planet, even with oil barons, but we must take a stand to balance our concerns with big oilogarchies which usually get everything they want.

Remain vigilant for any backdoor compromises over the 5 steps that Enbridge could not guarantee. The oil and gas people will no doubt try to change the narrative and turn public attention against the B.C. government through a battering ram of fear-mongering advertisements on the Internet and regular media. Take a stand.

THE INMATES ARE pretty much in control of this nut house. Only here we call the crazies "elected officials". 

For starters, the Conservative Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper won’t explain his role in a money laundering scheme in which his staff paid Senator Mike Duffy $90,000 to help the Senator with debts he incurred on "party business" at various Conservative Party functions. The word "scandal" is being used liberally the past two weeks. Harper continues to evade further investigation, calling the cash discrepancy politically inspired. What is known is that Harper asked his chief of staff to walk the plank for him. Now the entire staff at the PMO are on alert looking over their shoulders to see who is next to be pushed under a bus or has to take a bullet for the boss. As long as there are enough staffers Harper won't have to talk about it. . .

THE PMO SCANDAL should have dominated the news but the focus shifted when the Mayor of Toronto grabbed the headlines for the past week. Allegedly, Rob Ford snorted crack and was caught on video with persons known to police. Ford, a right-wing radio talk show host can't be impeached and somehow has remained popular among his listeners and constituents. Stephen Harper is relieved to see his own scandal has disappeared from the news media. . .

WHILE FENDING OFF reporters PM Harper has been busy at the Bank of Canada discussing the issue of a new $90,000 currency note. . .

ASIDE FROM LAUNDERING conservative cash, PM Harper is busy dismantling CBC, the country’s last public communications network. Harper has been trying for years to get rid of what he views as a far left cable channel. Now that the CBC is being de-fanged, Peter Mansbridge, the CBC news anchor and host, introduced a piece of film taken of Harper in 2005 when he first became the Prime Minister. In the film Harper made a speech in which he said that any person associated with scandal over financial dealings would be immediately expelled from the party. The look on Mansbridge’s face told the full story: "Ok, Mister Harper. We’re still waiting. Clear out your desk. We’re having somebody escort you to your car."

APATHY WINS A MAJORITY in British Columbia. With 3,116, 626 registered voters in B.C. only 23 % voted for the winning party, the Liberals. This was the lowest total turnout of any provincial election in B.C. history, 48 percent of registered eligible voters never even bothered. Christy Clark, a single hockey mom, took over the provincial Liberal party in 2011 when the last premier was found in a cave writing frantic press releases and talking to killer whales. Clark, despite trailing by 20 points in the polls, won a majority on a policy platform of “family values”. Before she had a chance to celebrate her win, an aide tapped Ms. Clark on the shoulder with the bad news, “Madam Premier, you lost your seat in West Point Grey.”  Ms. Clark cannot open the provincial legislature until some backbencher is paid to fall on his sword in a “safe” riding. Avid readers of this blog may recall in my last three-dot column that I suggested this might happen. . .
ALBERTA’S  OIL RICH lobbyists are pumping millions of $$$ into social media site like music and film. The campaign in B.C comprises scores of YouTube videos promising the younger demographic to get stoked about job security working in the oil sands and earning a steady income when the revenues kick in. Only problem with that, the young people stayed home during the election and the hype may be lost on them. Nevertheless, they will see a tidal wave of ads aimed at them. The Alberta oil and gas lobbyists are hitting the lamestream television and radio shows to illustrate how British Columbia can become one of the largest oil colonies in the world. Read: Blue-Eyed Arabs. . .

WHAT DOES A Liberal stand for in today’s Canada? Energy development? Clark did not win with the Liberal vote alone. In a post mortem survey of the 2013 election in B.C. Clark was swept to victory by wooing conservative voters to vote for her overwhelmingly. . .
JOBS TRUMP CLIMATE change is the message from the business elites at the Vancouver Board of Trade and the Chamber of Commerce.  Oh, yeah, remember FIPA ? This was Harper's plan all along to bring Asian workers to work in B.C. as part of a sweeping trade deal with China. 

IN CANADA the provinces have jurisdiction over the development and the export of resources. PM Harper wants to change all that. The man who will make this happen has an eerily sounding name like a Bond villain. Mr. Lounds. He and his British Columbians for International Prosperity  is a murky conglomerate of international heavy oil barons representing oil pipelines, heavy oil construction, oil tankers and dams. Lounds is leading what he calls the fight "against environmentalists". With such friends as Lounds, Harper and his federal conservatives, it looks like lots of suits will be unpacking their bags for a long stay in B.C. over coming months and years to make sure Madam Clark is walking the federal line. 

THE CHRISTY CLARK two-step will look something like this: she will promise jobs with her new pipeline agenda but will begin her next session in the legislature, (presuming she can find a riding to win in), by cutting the provincial budgets for social welfare, unions wage increases and education. She’s already turned her back on raising tax subsidies on the once healthy film industry in B.C. forcing a lot of skilled talent to leave the province. As of this writing, Ms. Clark is still calling herself a Liberal. 

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