Sunday, November 18, 2012


Take a look at my favorite things. They were locked away in storage and another blog. Now I'm letting them loose so they can frolic.

They have one thing in common. They've have stood the test of time and still make me smile.

Chill in a Porche GT3

For sure I'd want to take this car out for a spin on the weekends. The rest of the time I'd buy parts and polish the car.

 Dance With Pit Bull and His Ladies

This is one concert I want to see simply because it would attract so many more Latinas, who always make me laugh.

 Chill With A Carnival Band at Ipanema in Rio
Imagine being packed in a street crowd of 30,000 people. Nothing but smiles and laughter.

 Think About An Italian Dream Car 
Ah yes, I'd tell state secrets just to listen to this woman talk about ..anything.

Watch A Swimwear Show With Disturbing Fashion Flaws
 Wow! Words fail.

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